About Laura

Laura is a Finnish song text translation database which focuses mainly on Lieder, classical art songs and arias.

The database project is maintained by Sibelius Academy and designated mainly for the Finnish speaking audience such as singers and other musicians, concert organisers, students and teachers dealing with the art of singing and poetry. Laura consists of original song texts and their Finnish translations. In addition, detailed information about the songs is provided, such as the name of the song cycle and the opus number, the year of composition and publishing, the ensemble etc.

Sibelius Academy’s long-planned translation project was launched in 2002. The objective is to compile the translated materials from scattered sources, create electronic versions and then make them available for the public. The project was initiated by the Sibelius Academy Innovation Centre. The database project was launched with 19th-century Lieder but it is expanding as new material is continuously being added. Today Laura also contains early vocal music, choral works, church music and contemporary music. The translations are in poetic form or translated literally and hence not meant for singing.

All the translations published in Laura are free for private, educational or research use whereas the use in recital programmes may require a permission from the translator. Each song text entry includes a mention of the relevant user conditions and the contact information of the translator(s), if necessary.

Translated song texts have been gathered from concert programmes, poetic works and the translators themselves. The database would not be possible without the translators’ contribution. Sibelius Academy would like to thank all the translators whose translations have enriched the song text database.